Dr. Khurana talking about increased mental health issues with minorities

Mental Health Treatment Struggles for Minorities

September 24, 2022

Dr. Sid Khurana joined Las Vegas Channel 8 News to talk about how people of color face decreased odds of getting treatment for mental health issues. With September being Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, there is an increased focus on getting treatment to people who need it most.

“Asian culture, the culture I come from, we are one third less likely to seek mental health care than our Caucasian counterparts” - Dr. Khurana.

Some of the reasons behind the reduced likelihood of treatment include:

  • A stigmatism for mental health issues in many cultures.
  • The fear that they won’t get the right care if they do seek treatment.
  • Concern they won’t be understood due to cultural or language barriers.
  • Logistical issues like transportation or lack of resources in their area.


Watch the full story below: