Providing exceptional, evidence-based mental healthcare for all Nevadans.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values


To excel as leading experts in mental health, ensuring equitable access to care and providing exceptional, evidence-based personalized treatment for all.


To elevate the mental health in Nevada through ethical, evidence-based, and compassionate care accessible to all.

Core Values

C: Competence - Value team members who use their knowledge, skills, and personal attributes to enhance the care of our patients.

O: Open - Provide quality care to all who seek access regardless of their circumstances.

R: Reliable - Foster trust by consistently delivering excellent quality in care and service.

E: Excellence – Take pride in our role as a mental health leader by offering exceptional care that deeply impacts those we serve.



Our Story


NMH was started after recognizing there was nowhere in Nevada that we recommend where friends and family could go for mental health care and use insurance. This was the realization that Nevadan’s didn’t have a quality option for insurance based mental health care. Patients either had to pay high cash prices or try their luck with clinics that built their treatment models around 5-minute appointments.

The challenge NMH faces is making quality mental health affordable. To practice psychiatry, the patient and doctor must have a real conversation. Good mental health treatment hinges on understanding the nuance of a patients’ life and the all the many aspects that influence their day-to-day experience. The same illness might be treated very differently in two separate people. Therefore, we prioritize patient centered, individualized treatment. A vast evidence base now exists for mental health treatment, and NMH uses certified experts to make sure the care received is Evidenced Based.

Due to the complex nature of offering quality care at affordable prices, we value time. We need adequate time in appointments to talk about what’s going on and what the treatment plan is. You can expect to have a conversation about what the treatment plan is and the rationale behind the treatment plan. Therefore, we run time and never double book. Your time is your time.

Combining evidenced based expertise, administrative efficiency, and an always patient centered focus allows us to offer quality and affordable care at Nevada Mental Health.

Curious about our approach to mental health care? Discover what to expect from our personalized treatment plans on our 'What to Expect' page.