Dr. Jeider appearing on KNTV 13 News in July 2023

Dr. Jeider Discusses the Growing Medication Shortage in Southern Nevada

July 6, 2023

At a time when health care is paramount, the issue of medication shortages in Southern Nevada is causing increasing concern among healthcare professionals and the community alike. Dr. Timothy Jeider, a respected authority in the medical field, recently appeared on a local TV news segment to shed some light on this growing problem.

The Uncertain Cause of Medication Shortage

When asked why medication shortages are plaguing Southern Nevada, Dr. Jeider's honest response was that nobody knows exactly why this is happening. While there is no definitive answer, Dr. Jeider suggested that the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent supply chain issues could be contributing factors. The shortage doesn't discriminate; it's affecting various types of medications from chemotherapy drugs to medicines for ADHD and diabetes.

Dr. Jeider’s Recommendations

The doctor advises patients to be persistent with their pharmacies. The supply might be limited, but continuous communication with your healthcare providers can potentially help you get the medications you need. Furthermore, Dr. Jeider strongly urges against sharing medications with others, even in these desperate times. Sharing medications can lead to improper dosages and a host of other health risks.

A Call to Action

It’s clear that medication shortages are a complex issue without a straightforward solution. However, awareness is the first step towards finding long-term answers. As we navigate these uncertain times, adhering to the advice of medical professionals like Dr. Jeider can make a crucial difference.