Healthcare Quartery Volume 42 Cover

Dr. Jeider Pens Column in Healthcare Quarterly on Different Psychological Approach Needed for Juvenile Corrections

November 20, 2023

In his insightful column for Health Care Quarterly, Dr. Timothy Jeider of Nevada Mental Health highlights the pressing need for a unique psychological approach in juvenile corrections. His perspectives are crucial in understanding and reforming current practices.

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Key Insights:

  • Juvenile Correction Philosophy: Unlike adult systems, juvenile corrections should focus on behavior modification rather than punishment. However, many strategies employed are more suited for adults, failing to effectively resonate with teens.
  • Adult Logic vs. Juvenile Perception: A case study involving a teen on probation exemplifies the disconnect between the juvenile mindset, which often focuses on immediate consequences, and the adult-oriented correctional tactics that overlook this aspect.
  • Influence of Family Dynamics: The environment, particularly the role of caregivers, profoundly impacts a juvenile's behavior and response to correctional methods. Many come from settings lacking appropriate supervision or positive role models.

Proposed Solutions:

Dr. Jeider suggests reevaluating current strategies to better align with juvenile psychology. This includes incorporating psychological support for both juveniles and their caretakers and connecting them with community resources to encourage lasting positive change. 

For those seeking assistance with juvenile corrections issues, Nevada Mental Health recommends The Harbor Las Vegas which works to divert youth from the juvenile justice system.