Dr. Jeider on Fentanyl in Halloween Candy

Preventing Fentanyl in Halloween Candy

October 29, 2022

Dr. Timothy Jeider spoke to Las Vegas Channel 3 News recently about candy colored fentanyl that has appeared around the Las Vegas area. As you would expect, this has raised concerns with many people in the area. Checking to make sure children don’t accidentally get something besides candy in their trick or treat baskets is crucial and has been recommended by local drug enforcement agency.

Assistant special agent Kevin Adams said that although it is unlikely fentanyl would end up in trick or treat candy, parents should do what they should always be doing and check the candy to make sure it is commercially packaged. He adds that multicolored fentanyl is being manufactured to appeal to younger people.

Dr. Jeider has spoken on the topic of fentanyl previously and reminds viewers that fentanyl is much more powerful than other opioids. He also mentions that the psychiatrists at Nevada Mental Health have seen more people coming in for fentanyl addiction.


Watch the full story with Dr. Jeider below.