Dr. Jeider discussing fentanyl awareness in Las Vegas

Fentanyl Awareness with Dr. Jeider

October 9, 2022

Fentanyl deaths are on the rise in Las Vegas and fentanyl is being found in drugs like cocaine causing people to overdose. Dr. Jeider is seeing a similar increase in fentanyl cases in his clients lately at Nevada Mental Health. In addition to unsuspecting fentanyl use, certain people are also seeking it out specifically.

“It’s a more potent drug and they’re chasing that higher high” ” - Dr. Jeider

Treatment options are available for people in the Las Vegas area struggling with fentanyl or other substance use and there are options for people who cannot afford to pay. Dr. Jeider shares some of those options including Nevada Mental Health and the intensive substance use program at Healthy Minds. 

Watch the full story with Dr. Jeider below.