Dr. Khurana talks about fear of mass shootings on Las Vegas news

Dr. Sid Khurana Talks About Fear of Mass Shootings

July 30, 2022  

Nevada Mental Health psychiatrist Dr. Khurana was on Las Vegas Channel 8 News after two recent false alarms for shootings happened on the Las Vegas strip. In both instances, there was confusion after people thought they heard gun fire and witnesses shared how the events felt very real.  In situations like this where there is mass panic, some people can experience what is known as perceptual trauma.  

“The hyper vigilance is what society is living in right now” – Dr. Sid Khurana


Watch the full story below to hear more from Dr. Khurana including how the regularity of mass shootings in America has caused many people to subconsciously scan for threats when out in public areas.