Dr. Timothy Jeider Warns About the Dangers of Ketamine Use Following Matthew Perry’s Tragic Death

December 18, 2023

The sudden and tragic death of beloved actor Matthew Perry, best known for his role in "Friends," has left many reeling. The autopsy report revealing the cause of death as the acute effects of ketamine has raised concerns about the use of this drug. Nevada Mental Health's Dr. Timothy Jeider spoke with ABC 13 News to shed light on the dangers associated with ketamine use.

Dr. Timothy Jeider's Insights

Dr. Jeider expressed deep concern about the illegal use of ketamine, emphasizing that it can be a life-threatening drug, especially when used in combination with other substances like fentanyl. He stressed, "Anyone using ketamine illegally should be very concerned because it can lead to fatal outcomes."

According to Dr. Jeider, recreational drug use carries inherent risks, which can turn lethal. While there's no evidence of fentanyl involvement in Matthew Perry's case, mixing different drugs can have devastating consequences.

Ketamine and Matthew Perry's Case

Matthew Perry's autopsy report indicated that he had been receiving ketamine infusion therapy to manage depression and anxiety. However, his last known treatment occurred a week before his death, and the ketamine found in his system was not attributed to an infusion.


The tragic loss of Matthew Perry serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with ketamine misuse. Dr. Timothy Jeider's warning underscores the importance of caution and seeking professional guidance when dealing with substances like ketamine.

While we remember Matthew Perry's contributions to entertainment, let's also take this opportunity to reflect on the significance of addressing mental health issues and substance use disorders with the help of qualified medical professionals. If you or someone you know is struggling with these challenges, it's vital to seek immediate support and assistance.