Dr. Jeider on Las Vegas News discussing Summer Slump

Dr. Jeider on Getting Kids Out of The Summer Slump

July 16, 2022 

Psychiatrist Dr. Jeider joined Las Vegas Channel 8 News to discuss how parents can set their kids up for success when transitioning from their summer routines back to their normal school schedule. Dr. Jeider points out that summer break often comes with a loss of structure and more free time for children. During the school year, kids are on a more regular schedule which allows them to flourish and thrive.

What can parents do to help their kids have a more successful transition at the end of summer?

Dr. Jeider recommends that parents incorporate some structure into their kid’s summer days and list the following ideas to help:

  • Giving kids responsibilities or chores
  • Scheduling regularly recurring activities
  • Summer camps
  • Anything that can help build structure into summer days

Watch below to see what other tips our psychiatrist Dr. Jeider has for parents including transitioning  sleep schedules and how summer is a great opportunity for kids to get some independence.